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Welcome to the Mobile Evangelism PBwiki!

This is a collaborative space for those using or exploring mobile/cellphone-based evangelism - in English and in languages beyond English. The Wiki Creator is Dave Hackett of visionSynergy.


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folksonomy of mobile evangelism:


Approaches of Mobile Evangelism

SMS (also known as Text Messenging)

SMS (short message service) ministries that we know of include 1) Daily verses, 2) Sending ministry helps obtained by the client sending a faith crisis topic via shortcode, 3) SMS Bible (available in English and Norwegian), 4) Sending prayer requests to a prayer center.



Christian Networks on Mobile Ministry



Ministries Focused on Mobile


Providers of SMS Applications (especially non-English)



Audio, Video & Graphics

Audio, video, or graphics ministries include 1) video segments, including "One-Minute Bursts video," 2) viral video segments; 3) cellflix; 4) Animations; 5) ringtones; 6) wallpaper; 7) Audio Bible; and 8) viral stills/graphics.


Providers of Audio, Video, or Graphics



Streaming Radio/Podcasts to Mobile


Providers of Streaming Radio/Podcasts to Mobile



Mobile Software Development Applications


Providers of software development applications



Bible downloads

Bible downloads are whole Bible, whole New Testament, or individual book or Scripture portions, downloadable in English or Non-English.


Providers of Bible Downloads (esp Non-English)

Audio Bible - http://www.laridian.com/ipod/default.asp

Pocket Bible (Windows CE) - http://www.laridian.com/ce/



WAP Online Bibles


Providers of WAP Online Bibles (esp Non-English)

Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is one of the leading global open standards for applications over wireless networks. WAP provides a uniform technology platform with consistent content formats for delivering Internet and Intranet based information and services to digital mobile phones and other devices. It can accommodate handheld digital wireless devices such as mobile phones, pagers, smartphones and communicators.



Faith-related Applications for iPod software


Providers of faith-related applications for iPod software



Faith-related Apps for iPhone/iPad

iPhone/iPad Web Applications are a type of Web Geelong optimized for viewing on an iPhone's Safari browser. Some of these sites can be viewed successfully on other types of mobile browsers and on regular computer browsers.


Providers of faith-related applications for iPhone/iPad



Bluetooth Proximity Narrowcasting

"Bluecasting" - Cell Phone Proximity Marketing - is a way to narrowcast a message or content (advertisement, links, lists...). It's free to send and receive a bluecast, and it's permission-based (users need to agree to receive a message), so spamming isn't an issue. All that's needed is software, such as Proxiblaster.

Providers of Bluetooth Proximity Narrowcasting




Gaming Applications

Discipleship or evangelistic-focused games for mobiles are an attractive avenue.


Providers of Gaming Applications

  • Traverse. A GPS adventure app that leverages augmented reality technology to share the Gospel in an exciting new format.
  • JennyJet (This is a prototype site; Developed by a Christian but not having a mission purpose. It illustrates the potential and power.) - http://www.jennyjet.com/



Social Networking Applications


Providers of Social Networking Applications

  • Voke. Voke is a free chat app for Android that allows you to share compelling videos with your friends and to be present to chat about it with your friends.





Providers of IM/Chat Applications



Cell tracts


Providers of Cell tracts



Tools for Mobile evangelism


Tools Christians can use for Mobile Evangelism

  • The BibleBox - a cheap, portable wifi filesharing device. Load files for sharing to the drive, turn on the BibleBox and others can join the network to view or download the files. Built on opensource software, developers have made instructions and software available for free - Make your own BibleBox
  • Lightstream. A portable media distribution system that allows users to create a full featured “digital library” from which Gospel media can be shared on mobile devices in an off-the-grid environment without depending on access to internet or electricity.
  • SwebApps - Build an iPhone app in minutes; non-profits can have the development fee waived and pay only $39/month hosting fee.
  • http://mobile.conduit.com Conduit free service lets you create a mobile app once, without coding, that works across mobile platforms
  • Create International - Mobile devises for evangelism and multi-lingual films - http://www.createinternational.com
  • Indigitech - Free downloadable multi-lingual evangelistic films in multiple formats - http://www.indigitech.net
  • TxtImpact has announced the launch of Mobile site builder an Add-on application integrated with mobile marketing campaigns.TxtImpact MobileSite Builder lets companies create branded mobile websites and Integrate Mobile web in your Text mobile marketing campaigns for richer user experience. "http://www.txtimpact.com" mobile small business marketing strategies



Courses and eLearning

  • Mobile Ministry Online Course. A four-week online course providing an introduction to the use of mobile devices in missions.
  • Frontier Media - Various courses on the basics of using the tools and technologies of the Internet and New Media to present the Gospel to the unreached peoples of the world.  



Core Software Back-Office packages


Providers of the core software back-office applications

These enable a ministry to launch a mobile-platform ministry

  • Clickatell.com: The world's leading provider of bulk SMS messaging services with unrivalled global coverage. "We help you build your own SMS services on our messaging gateway. Clickatell covers 600 networks in almost 200 countries for outbound messages, and 100 countries for inbound (two-way) messaging."
  • ROARApp: Mobile Platform to develop your app ("You tell us where the content is located and the ROAR App will automagically pull all that content into a beautiful mobile app") - http://roarapp.com/


Focuses of mobile Christian involvement:


Mobile pre-evangelism


Mobile gospel presentation

Mobile discipleship/daily encouragement

Mobile Christian entertainment


Articles about Use and Significance of Mobile platform






Mobilev Contacts


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